The Jazz Jackrabbit 2 List Server

This is the home of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 list server. The list server is a network of servers to which all online game servers in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 connect to advertise themselves to other players via the server list. The server list can be viewed in-game or via a number of online viewers, such as SGIP. You can read more about how it works in the Jazz2Online wiki. The list server network comprises the following people and organisations:

It is our goal to make it possible for as many as possible to play Jazz Jackrabbit 2. As such, we will typically not block access to the list server to individuals. The list server is not an instrument for policing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and we do not want it to be one. Disputes between players, or between players and server hosts should be argued between each other, and we do not intend to pick a side or sanction someone for what happens in-game. We may make exceptions to this if your usage of the list server makes it impossible, difficult or less fun for others to play the game. Specifically, we may deny access in the following circumstances:

  1. If you use the server list to insult others, or advertise malware or otherwise illegal content, for example in the name of your server.
  2. If you consistently use the server list for other purposes than advertising your server to other players, for example by hosting 'fake' servers that no one can connect to or artifically pushing your server to the top of the list.
  3. If you request the server list unreasonably often or otherwise put an unreasonable strain on the connection with the list server.

In principle, we are not interested in what happens in a server, as that is not what we facilitate. However, if you consistently interfere with other players' ability to connect to, play or enjoy the game, e.g. by spamming servers or targeting their internet connection, we may deny access to the server list to give others the chance to enjoy the game without interference. Such decisions will not be taken lightly and only after repeated offences.

If you are banned from the list server, that is typically a final decision. The ban will not expire. If you disagree with a ban, you can contact us via and we will give fair consideration to your arguments. However, access to the list server is a privilege, not a right. If we reasonably believe that you have violated one of the rules listed above, or have otherwise severely abused this access privilege, we can and will take it away.